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In Manchester, many of us while cleaning time only focus on the whole resident, kitchen area, bathroom areas, etc., Definitely we will forget about cleaning the chimney and oven in the kitchen.

Ø  In our experience, we had seen many of the tenants leave the uncleaned oven and oily chimney at end of their tenancy period.

Ø  If the kitchen chimney got cleaned twice a month it could be giving better performance.


Ø  In A1 cleansers we have the professional to clean the oven and chimney.

This team involves in the work of

·         Removing strong and cooked-in strains by our specialists.

·         Cleaning of every rack in the oven without any damage in it.

·         Oily and sticky cooked-in strains would be removed from the chimney by our professional team.

·         After finishing work, we will ensure that there would not be any damage to it.

After service is provided we will ensure 

·         All work had done hygienically.

·         Kinds of Stuff replaced in a correct place 

v  Then it will be providing an invoice for that session. Payment is done online also acceptable. 

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