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Ø  This includes clearing all the specks of dust in office room areas, rearranging every ward bods, cobwebs & spider webs cleaning, cleaning the bathrooms, vacuum cleaning, system tables cleaning, office pantry cleaning mopping with soap water in hard areas. 

Ø  In retail shops and departmental stores, we are providing the cleaning team for rearranging all ward bods, clearing of storerooms, vacuuming for all matrices, mopping with soap water in needed areas.

Ø  In flats, we provide a team involved to clean the outside of windows, gardening work for park areas, water tank cleaning, car parking area scrubbing.

Ø  In the commercial banks, we will provide cleaning works of all rooms, vacuuming and mopping all floor areas, cleaning the system tables, and also cleaning work for ATMs.

Ø  In the hospital we will work with the cleaning of all the patient’s beds, washing the bedsheets and replacing them, separating the medical wastage and non-medical wastages and clearing them, cleaning the bathrooms, vacuuming, and hygienically mopping all floor areas.

Ø  In the restaurant we have a separate team for vessel washing, cleaning the bathrooms, contract cleaners for table management inside the restaurant, also a team available for pub/bar cleaning and servicing.

Ø  In luxury hotels we will provide the laundry service for customers, cleaning of floor areas, cleaning the bathrooms, vacuuming the matrices area, and mopping for needed areas.


v  Cleaning work for all areas in the commercial section is given below 

·         Office rooms

·         Flat/commercial building outside

·         Retail shops/Department stores

·         Commercial Banks/ATM’s

·         Hospital/Take care homes

·         Restaurant & Pub/Bar

·         Luxury hotels/Laundry service

Deep Cleaning

v  We had a team provide painting of all the walls involved in commercial buildings. Also changing all old wallpaper with new ones. Water tank cleaning, scrubbing work for windows/cladding if needed mopping to them are also available in our service list.

After service is provided we will ensure 

·         All work had done hygienically.

·         Kinds of Stuff replaced in a correct places 

v  Then it will be providing an invoice for that session. Payment is done online also acceptable. 

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