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Ø  In Manchester, many of the property owners/Landlords need cleaning services for your properties or your management's properties. In A1 cleansers we have a separate team for this and that team will be available at any time.

Ø  During the end-of-tenancy period many tenants forgot to clean all the besides of the whole rented area. Of course, tenants are only responsible for cleaning the rented house unfortunately due to workload they left the uncleaned dust, clumsy kitchens, and dirty bathrooms, and much more besides.

Ø  Many tenants forget to change

·         Broken lights and switches in any area of the house

·         Oily oven, greasy chimney

·         Muddy and marked carpets

·         Scratches on the wall

·         Broken bathroom fittings

·         Thick dusts cobwebs around the furniture items.

We have the team to save your time and we ensure your piece.


v  This A1 cleansers team involves in the works as follows

·         Cleaning all the shelves and removing all unwanted things

·         We will clean the oily layers deposited on uncleaned woven

·         Also remove the black area deposited on the chimney

·         In the living room, we will clean all the cabinets and remove nails in the TV set area

·         Rework with wallpapers and if repainting would be needed for walls also to do with same color paints.

·         Bathroom and kitchen fittings will be changed by our plumbing team members

·         Our team is also involved in exterior work and scrubs cleaning in the garden area.

v  We will ensure that your property will be clean and in good condition while the new tenant enters time. We will provide this professional service at the best price in the market.


After service is provided we will ensure 

·         All work had done hygienically.

·         Kinds of Stuff replaced in a correct place 

v  Then it will be providing an invoice for that session. Payment is done online also acceptable. 

For more details please contact: +44  7828490659, +44 7402233555